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Storing Ink Pads for Easy Access – Stampin’ Up® Classic Ink Pads

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There are many ways of storing ink pads. Most important is to store them flat, if they are on their side they will leak and make a mess.

Storing Ink Pads for Easy Access

When I first thought about storing my Stampin’ Up!® Classic Stampin’ Pads I very naively thought that I would just be getting a few colours. As a demonstrator (that is my excuse) I have nearly all the current colours plus some retired ones. Ease of access has become a problem. The ways you can store ink pads are numerous, from stacked on your desk to purpose built storage units. The Color Caddy® is fast working its way onto my need list as I do more and more stamping.  Purpose made was out of my budget to begin with. Living in New Zealand shipping costs were also a barrier.


Storing 20 Ink Pads or Less

My first storage system was part of the desk hutch on my desk.  I cut up square baton brought from Bunnings and removed the plastic shelves from the CD rack and glued them to the sides with woodworking glue (similar to PVA but a bit stronger). I made shelves out of cardboard and  chip board cut into squares. The spacing was achieved by putting two batons on top of each other and gluing the top one. If you can find one, an upright cassette tape holder works well.


A book case or shelf is a way to store your pads and be able to see what you have. The problem is that they are stacked on top of each other. The one you want is generally at the bottom. Magazine box file holders are a similar option and you can organise by colour group. On my wall is a DVD and CD storage unit that I removed the plastic CD inserts from and attached sideways. It is currently storing punches and other stuff. It could store ink pads.

Storage Option  


My Best Low Cost Solution

Raiding my kitchen for Sistema containers has proved to be my best current solution and is an affordable one for most people. These are see through so you can still see where the ink pad you want is. There is still the stacking issue though – ink pads are five deep in the container. One $6 five litre square container will hold 20 Stampin’ Up! ink pads. The containers can be stacked on top of each other. They are easy to move to your work area if they are stored elsewhere. You can even stack them on the floor.


Each container can hold two colour groups. In addition to the lids facing the front for easy finding, on the side I have the colours listed. I cut up an old catalogue of mine to do this. This also helps when putting them back in the right container. I now have three.

Reasonably Priced Solution for Storing Ink Pads


This idea I got from Katie – The Crafty Blog Stalker. At first I thought I couldn’t buy them in New Zealand. Then I found them on Amazon. I will be ordering some in the next few days. Stay tuned for the update. 


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