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Covering a Notebook

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Covered notebooks are currently my best sellers at the monthly Cambridge Market. So I thought I would write a post with photo’s giving the measurements I use so you can make your own.

First you need the notebook. I cover the standard 3B1 which is 16.5 cm x 10 cm. Cut the Designer Series Paper (DSP) of your choice to measure 23cm x 19cm. I have used a piece from the Colour Me Autumn series. It is an advantage to all us in the southern hemisphere that our seasons are opposite to the United States. It is our autumn and this lovely set of DSP and coordinating washi tape is in the clearance rack on special. If your piece of paper is like mine and the pattern is not random make sure you check how it will look with your blank notebook (make sure it is the right way up!)

001      002

Next turn the paper over and score the 23 cm length at ½ “, 4 ½ “, 4 ¾ “, 8 ⅝”. I use inches as I currently have the Stampin’ Up! ® Simply Scored Scoring Tool which is great for someone like me who does a lot of scoring as I can set up the markers at the top and then do all my notebook covers in one go. The metric plate is on my wish list. The Stampin’ Trimmer is dual function so you can score easily using that.  If you don’t yet have any of these wonderful tools, the back edge of a pair of scissors and a ruler also works. Along the 19 cm length score at ½” and 7″.

005       007

Now trim the corners. At each corner cut diagonally across where the two score marks met. For the centre (spine) cut diagonally down to the edge where the spine lines cross and do the same on the other side then fold back and cut at the fold. Repeat at the other end.  You should end up with paper cut outs as above.

Add double sided tape. I use 6 mm tape for the spine and 10 mm for all the flaps / edges and a piece of 10 mm tape down the centre of each side. Fold along all the score lines. The best way I have found to attach the paper to the notebook is to remove the backing of one centre piece of tape and the spine piece, then put the cardboard edge of the notebook into the corresponding edge fold and smooth the paper across so the centre piece of tape sticks and then the spine piece. Next take off the backing of the other piece of centre tape and smooth paper across. Then remove the backing tape on inside front cover edges and stick down and repeat on back cover.

008      009      010

You could stop here. I like to add inside covers and a ribbon down the length of the front cover for pieces of paper/receipts etc. The project life corner punch is perfect for adding rounded corners and is on my wish list however the reverse punch on the envelope board does the same job. Make sure to leave a gap between the pages and inside cover otherwise it will crease as you open and close the notebook. The card stock used in this example is Daffodil Delight and matching 6.4 cm stitched grosgrain ribbon (on clearance so be quick). I have attached ribbon to the back of the card using sticky strip. Pull the tape tight which attaching the second end, the card will bow but once attached to the inside of the notebook with double-sided tape the result is a tight fitting ribbon.

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