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Ink Storage from Budget to Modular and Inbetween

How to Store Ink Pads

Stampin' Up!® Ink Pads need to be stored flat so they don't leak. I would recommend that you store ink pads flat regardless of the brand. There are many ways to store ink pads from stacked on a shelf, in a container, using stacking systems for other items (think DVD/Video storage) or modular and custom built solutions.

This article looks at a options from budget through to modular options. Custom built options are available from cabinet makers or the handyman in your family/friends circle.

Budget Options

Stacked Ink Pads
Store stacked one on top of the other. While this was difficult with the old style Stampin' Up! Ink Pads, the new ones have been designed to stack on top of each other. A no cost solution to storage.
Container Storing Ink Pads
Store in 5 Lt Sistema containers or similar. I like this low cost method as you can fit 20 ink pads into one container, 10 at each end which is the total of each Stampin' Up! collection and being see through I can see which ink pads are in which container.
Convert CD desk storage
Make your own. This was my first storage option when I didn't have the full range of ink pads. I removed the CD rack from my desk hutch. I cut up a baton I brought in Bunnings into smaller pieces and used wood glue to stick it to the sides. Then cut squares out of thick cardboard and wood off cuts to rest on top of the batons.

In Between

Media Stix
Storage options for media can be used for storing ink pads. I'm currently using Atlantic Media Stix (available through Amazon 4 pk stores 60 ink pads) as they store both the old Stampin' Up! pads and the new style. Not ideal if you are in a rental though as they are screwed to the wall but good as a space saver.
Use Other Media Storage
Some CD storage fits the new Stampin' Up! ink pads as the media stix show. Pictured is another CD rack with the new ink pads. Not all CD storage is suitable. Another option for all ink pads is cassette storage. Keeping in mind that your pads should be stored flat to prevent leakage.

Modular Storage

modular wood based
Wood based modular storage options are available pre-assembled or in kitset form. Some can be secured to the wall as well as rest on shelves or in bookcases. The cost of shipping to New Zealand makes these out of reach for some. Stamp-N-Storage is based in USA and Laser Smith, Ireland, UK. The majority of available units are large so space is needed. Other storage units for paper and punches mix and match. Stamp-N-Storage now have spaces available so both the old style and new style Stampin' Up! Ink Pads can be stored in the same module.
Storage by Stampin' Up!
Storage by Stampin' Up!
Storage by Stampin' Up! (released April 2019). Ink pad storage components come in packs of 5 and have a place for the matching Stampin' Write Marker or watercolour pencil. How you stack them is up to you. Also available is Stampin' Blends storage, open cubes, ink storage and lids to create a finished look. Made from ABS plastic they are light and durable. The trays and cube come with peel and stick silicone feet to protect your surface and prevent slipping. You can buy storage as you need it or build up to a complete system as your budget allows. Your storage - Your Way!

Storage by Stampin' Up!

Storage by Stampin' Up!
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