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Ink Storage from Budget to Modular and Inbetween

How to Store Ink Pads

Stampin’ Up!® Ink Pads need to be stored flat so they don’t leak. I would recommend that you store ink pads flat regardless of the brand. There are many ways to store ink pads from stacked on a shelf, in a container, using stacking systems for other items (think DVD/Video storage) or modular and custom built solutions. This article looks at a options from budget through to modular options. Custom built options are available from cabinet makers or the handyman in your family/friends circle. Budget Options Store stacked one on top of the other. While this was difficult with the […]
The not so secret language of papercrafters

Papercrafting Terms and Meanings

Have you ever thought that papercrafters are talking a foreign language and there is no translation on google or your phone. No dictionary or course available either. This post on Papercrafting Terms and Meanings is here to help. It will be added to over time and if you have a suggestion to add or a term that you want translated please mention it in the comments section. BBB – Big Brown Box – Most Stampin’ Up!® orders are shipped in Big Brown Boxes. I get excited when a BBB arrives. CASE – Copy And Share Everything. This is a term […]