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Tidy Thursday – Storing Cardstock

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Today is the first day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere (NZ). Something in the air makes you want to spring clean. I have been thinking about starting a section on this blog about storage, what I am using or have used. Sometimes an idea seems great and then you try it and it doesn’t work for your style of crafting (how you like to work/play). Everyone is different so here are several ideas on storage of your cardstock. This week the Warehouse has buy one get one free on all Sistema products so not only is it the 1st of September but the products I use are on special. Originally I wasn’t keen on Sistema products because I was trying to support “Buy NZ Made” (some of you will remember the campaign). Then I discovered Sistema is made in New Zealand and started life as an idea/product range made in a garage (so Kiwi). So it was with great joy that a lot of my pantry supplies shifted into their containers. The range has expanded since then and they now they also have a storage range. In my craft room I use a mixture of office storage and food storage products. I confess, I normally buy when they are on special.

Here is how I store my cardstock. Originally I brought one 40lt container and file clips. I then discovered that their suspension files already had score lines so you could create a wider base at the bottom, protecting the edges of my cardstock. Ultimately I ended up with three 40lt containers and files which hold all my open cardstock and then discovered they still fitted under my craft desk with the add on wheels.

I store my cardstock by colour collection (In-colours, Regals, Brights, etc) others store by similar colours (all reds, blues, etc). I then store off cuts/scraps of each colour in plastic A4 sleeves which go in the suspension file with full sheets. The sleeves I purchased from my local $dollar store for $2.50 for 5. Then they ran out and it was ages until they got more in. So if you think you only need one pack buy two as I couldn’t find them for that price anywhere else.

These are older photos. I haven’t yet gone through with my plan to print contents information on cardstock it is still in copy paper. I have used this system for a while now and it works for me so I will update the labeling adding colour via ink/cardstock.

2016-04-28 09.50.58 2016-04-28 09.51.36 Scraps folder

I am fortunate to have storage under my craft table. I will show how the craft table was made in a later Tidy Thursday. A lot of people I know use magazine files as a way to store cardstock. The Stampin’ Up!® cardstock responds quite well to being stored upright, other card is known to curve. Regardless of what system I am using, I throw in a pack or capsule from other used products that were designed to soak up moisture (no cost). Below is an example of magazine box filing and the money/space is no barrier storage.

cardsotock storage cardstock$



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